Mobile hemp seed cleaning

Hemp seed cleaning, Western Australia

Vasse Valley Hemp Farm offers a mobile hemp seed cleaning service for small to medium sized hemp farms in Southern Western Australia.

Several different factors determine the amount of hemp seed cleaning needed, including harvest method, desired purity, and seed characteristics. 

Hemp Seed Food Grade Requirements 

If your seed is destined for the food market,  hemp processors require seed that is of good food grade quality, dry and sound, and complies with the following standards:

THC levels: crop must test below the WA state upper limit of 1%.
Colour and appearance: Grayish-brown seeds. Mature good quality hemp seeds will have dark markings on them.
Flavour and odour: Slight nutty flavour and odour.
Purity: Seed cleaned to 99.9 per cent purity. Weathered, immature or frozen seeds have a colourless, light brown seed coat. All poor quality seed must be removed through the cleaning process.
Toxins: Must have acceptable levels of coliform and e-coli – check processor requirements.
Moisture content: Should not exceed eight per cent.

We will come to you!

Once your seed has been harvested and dried to less than 8% moisture it is ready for cleaning. 

Our machine removes leaf, weed seeds, sand and soil debris and grades the seed to 2 sizes. 

Quotes are subject to distance travelled, amount of seed to be cleaned, and starting purity of the seed. 

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