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Purchase any two  30ml bottles for only $99 (save $11).

Used daily, hemp seed oil provides your body with the essential fatty acids it needs for maintenance, growth and repair. Taken in combination with terpenes, you are giving your body a fighting chance to combat lifestyle challenges.

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30ml bottle of Soothe Terpenes
30 ml bottle of Energise Terpenes
30ml bottle of Siesta Terpenes
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Terpenes are the natural compounds that give plants and flowers their odours and aromas.

We have four 30ml terpene products for you to chose from:





Each 30ml bottle has a dropper for easy use.



Hemp seed oil may not be legal in all jurisdictions. Please verify legality at destination prior to shipping internationally.

2 reviews for Terpene Bundle

  1. Deborah Vankuyl

    I was introduced to these products by chance on a holiday break at a marketplace in Busselton, I’ve tried so many things for the pain I’ve been experiencing over the past 4 yrs due to a bad accident with my right foot, needless to say I was sceptical, I brought the hemp oil and turmeric capsules and the soothe drops , it’s only been just over a week and my pain has reduced to a bare minimum, I’m taking 5 caps a day plus 3 X a day soothe drops . I love these products and would recommend them , I can’t guarantee them for anyone else, but if you do have pain give them a go you have nothing to loose but your pain. So happy I tried them.

  2. Dean (verified owner)

    My partner and I have been using the terpenes for about a year. I use Soothe to manage pain from arthritis/inflammation, and my partner uses Siesta to help stay asleep. I noticed the benefits of using Soothe recently when I stopped using it for about a week (forgot to bring it with me). It was shocking to remember how much pain I had been living before Soothe. I am back on a regular schedule with Soothe, and I believe it has helped my recovery from a recent shoulder replacement. Buying terpenes in a bundle is a great option for us.

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