5 minute spicy beetroot dip

5 minute spicy beetroot dip
  • A quick and easy beetroot dip, flavoured with dukkah, garlic and cayenne pepper. Simply add all ingredients to a food processor and process until smooth. Serve with extra dukkah and a drizzle of olive oil. ⁣

Dips are a great party treat or even an afternoon snack. They are also a great way to encourage fussy eaters to try or overcome vegetable phobia as they take the ‘vegetable taste and texture’ away. 

Beetroot dip is perfect for livening up a cheese or vegetable platter with its bright colour. It is naturally sweet, full of nutrients, and easy to combine with a range of savoury ingredients.

Combining delicious flavours such as Vasse Valley’s Roasted Hemp Seed Dukkah, garlic and a dollop of yogurt and you’ve got a delicious, healthy dip that will please even the fussiest of eaters.⁣

This recipe includes cayenne pepper to add a bit of extra spice, but if serving for kids then leave it out or you may have some tears to deal with!

Why we need more beetroot recipes

Beetroot is an incredible source of nutrition and has a wide range of possible health benefits.

It has been scientifically shown to lower blood pressure, aid digestion and gut health, and help regulate glucose levels. It is rich in folate, fibre and antioxidants, making it a must-have in every diet.

Beetroot is incredibly easy to grow and you can also eat the leaves when they are young. Grow them in pots or your vegetable garden for all you can eat beet!

Vasse Valley Roasted Hemp Seed Dukkah

If you’re not yet familiar with Vasse Valley’s Roasted Hemp Seed Dukkah there is a good reason why it has been included in this recipe. It is NOT your regular dukkah.

Firstly, it contains Vasse Valley’s unique Roasted Hemp Seed Crumble, which adds a nutty, earthy flavour and crunch.

Secondly, the carefully selected spices are balanced in just the right way to give it that award-winning WOW factor. Caution – this product is highly addictive!

A recipe by Alessandra Nutrition

This recipe was provided by Alessandra Trovato, Director of Alessandra Nutrition. A qualified nutritionist, Alessandra’s success is driven by her passion for nutritional education, and the knowledge that a healthy diet can still be delicious.

Alessandra believes that with the right tools and knowledge anyone can make long-term changes for a healthy life. You can find Alessandra on instagram @alessandra_nutrition

Alessandra and her spicy beetroot dip using Vasse Valley Dukkah



250g of pre-cooked beets⁣
1 teaspoon raw garlic, pureed ⁣
1/3 cup natural yogurt⁣
1 tablespoon roasted hemp seed dukkah ⁣
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper ⁣(leave out if serving to kids)
2 tablespoon olive oil⁣ or hemp seed oil
Pinch of salt and pepper ⁣



Simply add all ingredients to a food processor and blend until smooth.

Serve with extra dukkah and a drizzle of olive oil. ⁣

For a vegan version simply substitute the yogurt for a dairy-free yogurt such as coconut or soy.

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