The birth of HempGro – the WA Hemp Growers Co-op.

  • Vasse Valley are proud to be founding members of HempGro, Western Australia’s hemp growers’ co-operative.

The hemp industry is just getting starting in Australia and Vasse Valley is proud to be waving the hemp flag high in advocacy.

People are rapidly becoming aware of what this plant can do and the jobs and opportunities a budding hemp industry could potentially create.

Imagine – we could drastically reduce deforestation in our country, improve our soils, give farmers an alternative crop for their rotations, create new products and businesses and reduce our environmental footprint…all from one species of plant.

This is why we are putting heaps of time and effort into helping the industry get started in Western Australia.

Being a new crop, gaining information on how to grow it in our environment has been hard to come by. That’s why we have banded together with other farmers to play a key role in establishing HempGro, Australia’s first hemp co-operative.

HempGro – founded out of need.

The formation of HempGro was driven by growers through the need for more knowledge, infrastructure, large scale investment and industry-wide collaboration.

HempGro’s first activity was to bring in suitable seed varieties from Europe and make them available to WA growers and this was achieved in October 2018 with the importation of 9 tonne of high quality seed from France.

Way to go HempGro!

For more information and latest news visit

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